Why Use Foam Bitumen in Road Repairs?

If you're repairing part of a road, driveway or pavement, then your choice of materials is key. You need to choose a repair medium that fixes the problems and bonds with the existing surface for the long-term.

Foam bitumen is a popular choice for this kind of repair. What is this kind of bitumen and why is it a good solution for road repairs?

What Is Foam Bitumen?

Foam bitumen starts off life as regular bitumen. However, its properties change during the application process. The bitumen is first heated before being mixed with small amounts of water in a special tank. The heat of the material makes the water evaporate, which makes the overall mix bubble up. Its volume increases as it turns into a foam-like state.

Why Use Foam Bitumen?

While standard bitumen is a good option for road repairs, a foam product is often better. You typically get quicker and longer-lasting results. You should notice a decrease in future problems on the areas you repair. For example, a foam repair is strong and hard-wearing. This material bonds well to most surfacing materials. It also adds some flexibility to the surface it covers. As a result, you're less likely to see this layer crack or shrink over the years. Its flexibility helps it stay intact even in extreme weather or traffic conditions.

Also, this material is quick to apply and dries fast. You can even make repairs when the weather isn't so good without affecting the bitumen. Rain and cold weather won't delay your project.

In fact, foam bitumen is a good option in wet conditions generally. It handles water better than some other road repair materials. For example, this kind of bitumen isn't really affected by moisture. Even if it sits in extreme wet conditions, such as floods, it can hold its own.

Plus, using a foamed rather than a regular bitumen means that you can get roads, driveways and pavements ready for use again quickly. You don't have to wait long at all to use the surface after the repair. Even patched-up areas of a busy road can manage traffic running again soon you've finished the job.

To find out more about foam bitumen and how it will work on the area you need to fix, contact paving contractors in your area. They can give you advice on the best way to make any necessary repairs quickly and effectively.