Remove Your Epoxy Flooring With These Easy Steps

Epoxy is a popular flooring alternative for many homeowners. You can use it in your garage, kitchen and patio, among other places. Typically, epoxy is an aggregate kind of flooring comprising special resins and hardeners. The paving contractors apply it in liquid form and leave it to harden to form a robust surface that you can use as a floor. The resins bind the materials together while hardeners add the element of toughness required for a floor. You might need to remove your epoxy flooring and replace it with a new one in case of wear or the need to change colours. Follow the following steps for this process:

Determine the Type of Epoxy Flooring You Have

When you want to remove your epoxy flooring, the first step is to start by determining the type of epoxy flooring that you have. It could be water-based or solvent-based epoxy flooring. It is essential to know the kind of flooring you are handling. It helps you choose the right stripping solution for your floor. Visit a building centre with a sample of your flooring to find out your specific floor type.

Choose the Stripping Solution

Typically, epoxy flooring is designed to stand the test of time. For a water-based epoxy flooring, choose a water-based stripper. Alternatively, you can go for soy-based strippers if you do not prefer working with highly volatile compounds. You can also use rotary tools with a carbide tip to strip down the floor.

Ready the Floor for Stripping

Your next line of action is to prepare the floor for stripping. This job requires appropriate attire, including a pair of rubber gloves, a painter's mask and protective goggles. Remove all the items and fittings lying on top of the floor so that the stripper does not splash over them. Sweep the surface thoroughly and follow through by vacuuming to get rid of all the dirt, dust and flakes on the top coat of the epoxy. When doing this, make sure that doors and the windows are open so that the room has proper ventilation.

Apply the Epoxy Stripper

Start applying your floor stripper from the farthest corner of the room towards the exit of the room. A fibre mop is ideal for applying the stripper. You just need to make sure that you apply the stripper evenly over the floor.

Remove the Old Epoxy

Use a metal scraper with a long handle to peel off the old epoxy coating. Clear off the epoxy systematically, following specific rows or columns on the floor. When done, recheck the floor for stubborn epoxy reside and re-soak them for at least twelve hours. They should be easy to remove afterwards, and you will be ready to set up a new epoxy floor.