Why Should You Consider Installing An Asphalt Driveway Over Concrete?

Most commercial and residential property owners like investing in asphalt paving for parking lots and driveways. For this reason, asphalt has managed to maintain its popularity as one of the best materials for driving surfaces and driveways. If you are about to start a new driveway paving project or remodel the existing one, you might be wondering if you should use asphalt or concrete, its closest competitor. Asphalt driveways offer many perks, and this post will be sharing reasons why it's a better option than concrete.

Lasts longer

If you value durability over other factors whenever you have a project, you should go for asphalt driveways. Unlike concrete, asphalt isn't finicky. When a concrete driveway is installed wrong or the mixture isn't prepared well, cracks or flakes will appear. Concrete driveways also shouldn't be installed hastily, as this may affect the results. These are limitations you won't face with asphalt. After installation, your asphalt driveway will last up to two decades as long as it's maintained regularly and repaired whenever the need arises

Quick installation

If you don't have an alternative driveway, you will need to choose a material that promotes fast installation. Asphalt driveways can be laid in a day or two and will set quickly, although this is determined by the weather and the size of the project. You will be able to use the driveway two days later. Concrete driveways take longer to install and set. You will need to follow the instructions during installation and allow the material to cure for about a week. This may take longer if the weather conditions aren't favourable.


One of the key factors you should never overlook while choosing your driveway material is the weather conditions. Concrete deteriorates faster when it's exposed to extreme weather conditions, salt and chemicals. This means that you will need to repair or reinstall the paving more often than needed, which is costly. Asphalt driveways aren't vulnerable like concrete. They can handle any form of weather shift and other environmental elements easily, without flaking or deteriorating. Even during winter, the snow will melt quickly thanks to asphalt's dark colour. You won't need to shovel as much to get your vehicle out of the driveway whenever it snows.


Compared to concrete and other paving materials, asphalt is more affordable. The materials come at an affordable price, and since installation is done quickly, the labour costs will also be minimal. So even if your budget is limited, you can still install your paving and get value for your money in the long run.

To learn more about asphalt driveways, contact a paving contractor.