Places To Use Cement Rendering Around Your Home

Cement rendering over brick or brick veneer surfaces creates a smooth, seamless look, eliminating the multiple mortar lines running across these surfaces. Read on to discover places to apply render around your home.

External Walls

Smoothing out external walls with render is an excellent way to upgrade the look of your home. For modern minimalist facades with geometric angles, you could apply dark grey or white render to some sections only — juxtaposing it against other elements such as timber or brick. Flat continuous surfaces of contrasting elements show off the unique qualities of each. For instance, cement render highlights the patterned nature of brickwork, and it brings out the warmth of timber surfaces. Rendering can work equally well for traditional styles.

Front Fence

Rather than rendering a building, you can apply cement rendering across smaller structures such as a front fence. Tired brick fences can drag down the look of an entire facade. Covering the fence with fresh white or greige render will also waterproof and strengthen the structure. Depending on its design, you can intersperse ironwork or rich timber into the fence. 

Retaining Wall

A rendered retaining wall is another way to make use of this technique. These structures can look rustic or modern depending on their styling and the surroundings. Whether the wall is covered with flowers and herbs reminiscent of a cottage garden or forming the boundary of a pebble-filled garden bed with cacti, render can evoke different looks. Use it to cover either a concrete or brick base.

Interior Accent Wall

There's no need to reserve this treatment for outside either. What about a new accent wall inside your home? This technique is particularly helpful if the wall is uneven and imperfect; the rendering will hide many flaws. To create a variety of textures, a contractor will use different implements, such as a brush, trowel, sponge or hessian bag.

Render can thus enhance numerous structures, both inside and outside. Because you can colour the render any hue, you can harmonise it with the setting, whether to match the gutters, trim or roof of your house or other elements inside. It provides the ideal foil for the textures of timber, brick and metal and suits both older style and modern structures. As well, it offers practical benefits: waterproofing and protecting the underlying structures from water and the elements. Cement rendering services can advise on options and colours for your installation.