Benefits of Installing Natural Stone Pavers on Your Patio

If you're looking for a way to enhance your outdoors, why not pave the patio in natural stone pavers? Such an upgrade will offer numerous benefits, as explained below.

Forms Secure Surfaces

Crucially, pavers create secure surfaces that are safer for walking and placing furniture on. Textured patterns increase traction. Plus, if you lay interlocking pavers that sit on a bed base of sand and crushed stone, you won't have to worry about puddles forming when it rains to create a slipping hazard. Rain will seep between the pavers and drain away in the base as it's intended to. You'll be able to forget about the soggy ground and sinking outdoor furniture once you install a natural stone paver area.

Introduces Beauty

While many paver materials compete for attention, none can equal the beauty of natural stone. You can use rock such as travertine, granite or slate to imbue the garden with shades of peach, ivory, grey, gold or blue. Because natural stone emerges from organic processes, each paver displays unique hues and patterns. Some are more uniform, while others blend different tones. For example, some slate pavers display tones of grey. Others, though, might display blue, green, tan and charcoal on the one paver. Thus, you'll have a wide array of options to harmonise the rock to your home and landscape.

Provides Pattern Options

You don't only have variety in terms of stone colours. You also can choose different shapes and sizes, which you can arrange to form diverse patterns. You could lay a stack bond design with pavers set in even rows. Alternatively, consider a zigzag herringbone pattern. Or, what about an ashlar design that combines different-sized square and rectangle pavers? The surfaces can be more decorative or more subtle. You could choose large square pavers for a minimal look and lay them simply in rows, creating a sense of spaciousness. Also, remember that paler colours reflect more light and can make your patio appear bigger.

Organises the Landscape

A natural stone project can help you to organise the landscape. Of course, paving the patio creates a distinct area with a clear boundary that separates it from the garden and foliage to produce a sense of order. You can add to this harmony with your design. For example, you could border the patio in a contrasting paver with a different shape or colour. For instance, if the central area features a herringbone design, you could edge it with straight rectangular pavers. You can also create unity around your entire property by coordinating colours on footpaths, driveways and pool decks.