3 Factors to Prioritise During the Selection of Car Park Pavers

Multiple paving options are available in the market, with each material having its advantages and disadvantages. When paving a driveway, whether at home or the office, you must consider personal preferences and requirements to acquire the right fit. However, most people are unaware of the critical factors to prioritise when selecting car park pavers, which undermines the final product. This article explores essential aspects to prioritise when choosing a paving service provider. Read More 

Places To Use Cement Rendering Around Your Home

Cement rendering over brick or brick veneer surfaces creates a smooth, seamless look, eliminating the multiple mortar lines running across these surfaces. Read on to discover places to apply render around your home. External Walls Smoothing out external walls with render is an excellent way to upgrade the look of your home. For modern minimalist facades with geometric angles, you could apply dark grey or white render to some sections only — juxtaposing it against other elements such as timber or brick. Read More 

3 Reasons to Install a Polypropylene Soakwell

You can install soakwells made from concrete or polypropylene. While concrete was the most popular solution in the past, polypropylene products are now common. In fact, there are times when they are a better option. When should you choose polypropylene over concrete? 1. You Have Access Problems Even small concrete soakwells weigh a lot. If you need a larger and more complex solution, then your soakwell could be big and very heavy. Read More 

The Pros and Cons Of Sealing Your Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are a stunning addition to any outdoor setting. Whether you wish to use them on your patio or as a surround for the new pool, one question your paving contractor will ask during the installation process is whether you wish to have a sealant applied to the pavers. Before you answer this question, consider the pros and cons of sealing natural stone pavers. Pros Of Sealing Natural Stone Pavers Read More 

Why Should You Consider Installing An Asphalt Driveway Over Concrete?

Most commercial and residential property owners like investing in asphalt paving for parking lots and driveways. For this reason, asphalt has managed to maintain its popularity as one of the best materials for driving surfaces and driveways. If you are about to start a new driveway paving project or remodel the existing one, you might be wondering if you should use asphalt or concrete, its closest competitor. Asphalt driveways offer many perks, and this post will be sharing reasons why it's a better option than concrete. Read More